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A professional look from a professional tailor

Firstly it is important to clarify that there is a significant difference between a made to measure suit and a custom tailor suit. High quality custom suits do not use pre-existing patterns, rather, they are completely unique and original suits made to fit each customer to perfection. A personalized custom tailor suit, which is measured to perfection, allows you to define yourself and it will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Steven Berke is the Montreal tailor to see when you are in search of a new suit. It will guaranty you a professional and pleasurable experience. With over 40 years of experience, Berke offers his customers a high quality suit which will leave them looking their best for any occasion.

When visiting Berke’s workshop one can expect a courteous, and all around fun experience. He works in a timely manner, for those with a busy schedule, and his custom handcrafted suits will constantly have people turning their heads and asking you where you found this fabulous gem.

When Steven Berkes tailors a suit, his expertise in design and his knowledge of extensive fabrics are only the beginning. Berke offers his customers the finest Italian cottons which will caress your body. His suits which are carefully designed and are handcrafted in Montreal will make you feel like a star.

What makes a suit, a suit?

A quality fabric is the baseline of any suit. The suit’s fabric will determine the value of the suit. It is for this reason that known designers have started using 100s or 110s grade fabrics to cut their production costs. Fabric grades vary from 80s to 180s, as the grade increases so does the quality of the suit. Using a fabric which has a grade over 110s will guaranty a durable and respectable suit.

Whether it is for special occasions, for work or just to look great, we all need at least one suit which sets itself apart from the rest. Oddly enough, many go to look for these suits in high-end shops and many pay for the brand name instead of the quality of the suit.

Berke’s suits hold strong against designer suits and for the same price, you can have a custom tailored suit that accentuates your qualities and diminishes your imperfections. Taller individuals will have pants and sleeves that actually fit and don’t need to be altered. Men who are an overweight will be pleased to know that a tailored suit will make then look thinner.

By having a suit tailored, you are the boss. You can tell the tailor how you want the suit to fall on your shoulders and shoes. There won’t be a need to worry about the look since it is the look you want. There is an indescribable feeling that comes from having something that is perfect.

A perfect suit leaves you feeling great about yourself, your situation and your life. It gives you confidence and allows you to concentrate on other important matters. Steven Berke offers these types of suits, suits that are personalized and unique, a suit that will change the way you look at clothes.