Is There a Correlation Between Clothing and Behavior?

According to The National Research Council of Canada’, “People are affected by your appearance, whether or not they realize it, and whether or not they think appearance is important.” Studies claim that when you wear more powerful looking attire, such as a suit, especially in a dark shade, it may change your mind set. Switching the “relaxed mode” button off and igniting the “professional mode.” This positive change in attitude can be reflected in body language, such as better posture or a firmer handshake, or through behavior, while giving you greater visual power and appeal. Most people feel smarter in a dark (black, grey or navy) suit. Consult your Tailor Montreal to schedule an appointment.

What colour should my suit be?

Don’t be tempted by unusual colors, unless you are confident that you can carry them off and that they will be acceptable in the environment you are seeking to enter. A light colored suit for a job interview may not be the greatest idea; however, if you feel confident it may show off your personality for a fancy evening out with that special someone. When it comes to dressing for work a great tailor suit does not mean a bland one. A smart suit still gives you leeway for individualism in your choice of shirt or blouse. The key is to be suitably smart, and while wearing a custom suit or any suit, you should always be sure to keep in mind, socks worn with a suit should never be white.

How to Look Good in a Suit

Regardless the occasion, if you are putting on a suit, looking good in it should be a top priority, and there are a few steps to review so you may reach that goal. A key aspect when choosing the right suit to make a great impression is ensuring that your suit fits. Made to measure or tailor made suits are your best bet for a perfect fit. Your suit jacket should always fit well, both buttoned and unbuttoned. Wear a suit that suits your body type. If you’re a shorter person, stick to single-breasted jackets. If you’re bigger around the middle, wear a lower-buttoning jacket, it will give the illusion of a longer silhouette. Be sure to wear the suit properly, meaning button all the buttons, including the small one on the placket. Look the part you would like to play, whether it is business or pleasure. If you look strong, powerful and confident, you will feel it and therefore portray that to the world.