Look Your Best in Tailored Suits

When you are shopping around for a suit for that special occasion, you definitely want to look your absolute best; after all you know what they say “dress for success.” Ever see someone wearing a suit and jacket and wonder “wow, how come my suit doesn’t look like that on me?” If you have ever felt that way we have some great tips on how to get you looking your absolute best in your suit. A commonly asked question before purchasing a suit is what kind should be purchased, and we are not even referring to type of fabric or cut yet. Whether it is to wear to a club or on a date night out on the town, an interview or event, you want to look sharp. Consult tailor Montreal to review your measurements, and to set the bar high!

The perfect fit

A key element in looking great in a suit comes down plain and simple to fit. When it comes to a great fit, off-the rack is not usually the best place to look. You go to a store, choose a suit at random and hope to find a size that fits the closest possible to your body type. There are so many issues that may arise, such as the jacket sleeves being too wide or narrow, improper length, an excess of fabric, just to name a few. These complications would not only give you a run down, thrown together appearance, but could also drive the cost of your suit, and budget, way up by requiring multiple alterations. There is no point to try and save time and money buying off-the rack when down the line it will end up costing you more and you won’t look as good.

Custom and tailor made are both defined as being made specifically for someone however tailor made is more often referred to clothing whereas custom can apply to a vast amount of things, including clothing. Another difference between the two is a tailor made suit is created and finished by hand by a professional tailor. The tailored suit is chalked specifically for the individual client’s body. A paper pattern is created, using the specific client’s measurements, and cut for the construction of the suit.

Custom made clothes on the other hand are pre-made patterns and fabric parts which are altered and fitted specifically for the client. While they are cut and sewn for an exact fit for the customer’s body, these stock patterns are the starting point versus the tailor’s paper pattern. Custom made clothes often use machines for sewing, tailored is by hand. This is why hands down if you want to look your best, tailored suits are the way to go.